Evo Honeywell Evohome: The Perfect Solution

Evohome has been created to allow completely independent temperature control of each room in your property. It does this by creating up to 12 zones throughout the house. Each zone (room) can be programmed to operate on its own schedule to suit your lifestyle. By only heating the rooms you need, when you need to, can result in less energy consumption, smaller energy bills and greater comfort throughout the house.

Good examples of why you should use Honeywell Evohome

  1. Someone who works from home a lot and currently heats the entire house all day even though they’re confined to one room.
  2. Parents wanting to keep their young children’s bedrooms at a consistent temperature through cold nights without heating the rest of the house.
  3. Larger homes with only 2 or 3 people in. Most rooms are used at some point so they don’t want to switch the radiators off but for most parts of the day being heated unnecessarily.
  4. Overcoming inconsistent temperatures throughout the house. Draughts and hot spots can make achieving consistent temperatures for each room difficult.


Is it complicated to use?

Evohome is extremely easy to use and understand. We have fitted these systems for a whole age range of customers and all have been impressed with its ease of use. We are on hand for any queries afterwards, but luckily, the ease of operation means that we receive very few calls due to assistance being needed. To demonstrate the scheduling and basic day to day adjustments we have created made a short video.

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

No maintenance is required other than occasionally changing the batteries in the radiator valves and hot water sensor (if one is fitted). They usually last around 2 years and it’s good practice to change the whole lot in one go if they’re getting to that age.

Can I just fit to the rooms I want greater control of?

It doesn’t quite work like that. If you had 3 radiators with HR92 valves and 10 on normal valves, whenever there was a call for one of the zones it would try to heat the remaining 10 radiators without HR92s.

RJL Gas strongly recommends them being fitted to every radiator in the house. Towel rails can be discounted if required, as these coming on more frequently are quite desirable for drying towels etc.

Does it rely on my Wi-Fi?

Only for the mobile app. Evohome’s biggest advantage is about zoning heating systems which need no broadband at all and use its own built in radio signals to communicate with the heating system. It connects to your Wi-Fi so you can make adjustments to the heating when away from home.

Do I need all new TRVs?

Not necessarily. The HR92s will be compatible with almost all modern TRV bodies that have a M30 x 1.5mm thread. Honeywell, Drayton, Peglar etc. It is worth considering changing them if they’re 15+ years old too for reliability. If you have the older ‘lockshield’ type these will need to be upgraded.

I have a mixture of underfloor heating and radiators. Is it still compatible?

Absolutely. Evohome is designed to work with all types of heating as long as it’s kept within the 12 zones as standard.

Will the signal struggle to get all around the house?

We are yet to come across one where it couldn’t. Unlike your home Wi-Fi which operates at 2.4GHz, Evohome runs at 868MHz. This means it’s less affected by large objects or internal walls so has a much better coverage than your Wi-Fi.

If you have any other questions regarding Evohome, do not hesitate to get in touch today! Visit the RJL Gas Contact page here. We look forward to hearing from you.