Nest Home Automation

Nest is a high-quality home automation option, providing a sense of cohesion and maximised control over your home, all in one place. Not only will Nest undoubtedly improve the convenience of managing your home, but it will also present a number of cost-saving benefits too. One of the most popular deals we offer is a reduced-priced boiler service when done at the same time.


What’s better Nest or Hive

Without a doubt the most common question I get asked and also the simplest to answer. Nest in pretty much every aspect is better. It is undoubtedly the easiest system to program and is more intelligent than that of Hive. Hive is more traditional and therefore needs to be operated manually each and every time, however, Nest is able to learn your preferences and can configure its own schedule, making it the more convenient option.

Is it compatible with my system?

Nest can be fitted to pretty much all gas central heating boilers. With the exception of a rare Bosch boiler from 20+ years ago, we haven’t found a system where we couldn’t get it working.

How long does it take?

Usually around 1 hour depending on the type of system, access to various elements and the condition of your wiring, if it has been done properly, this will speed up the process. With us, the price is fixed and we don’t charge per hour. So, you do not need to worry about how long the process takes and how this will affect the cost, you can leave that to RJL.

Will it save me money?

From our experience of the way people control their heating using regular controls then yes, it will almost certainly save money on energy bills. One of the ways it does this is by only ever switching the boiler on when required. Why switch on the heating 1 hour before you wake up every morning? When on warmer mornings it may only take 15 minutes to reach a nice temperature. Nest is capable of making these adjustments.

Another way of saving money is automatically switching off when you go out. We’ve all been guilty of forgetting to turn the heating off or maybe your work pattern means you leave at different times of the day. Nest recognises when the house becomes empty and will automatically drop the set temperature. So you do not need to stress about remembering to turn the heating off each day, thanks to Nest.

Can I add a second or third Nest to give better control in other rooms of the house?

If you already have multiple thermostats in the property then Nest can replace as many as these as you like. 12 is the most we’ve done in one house!

If you only have one existing thermostat then it’s unlikely to be feasible to just add more as the original plumbing hasn’t been designed for it. It could involve lifting floors and rerouting pipes which can be costly. A better solution we offer for multi-zone would be Honeywell Evohome.

Can other people in the house have access from their mobile too?

The Nest app allows multiple users in the property to all have their own accounts and access the Nest products. With ‘Location Services’ enabled this will also help the thermostat work out if the house is vacant or not in order to switch the heating off.