Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement Services

Even though repair work is often a viable solution to restore your boiler back to optimum functionality, there are cases where boiler replacement is the more suitable option. If you are looking to replace your existing boiler, you definitely came to the right place, we can rip out your old boiler and install your new one with ease.


It may be part of a renovation project or just the desire for improved efficiency with the bonus of long warranties (Just make sure you get the new boiler serviced annually to keep the warranty valid)

Please get in touch if you are thinking of changing your boiler and would like a quote for a replacement. RJL Gas always aims to offer the best advice that suits your budget and requirements. Unfortunately, too many properties are fitted with either the wrong type or wrong sized boiler, due to the plumber considering ease of installation, rather than suitability. This leads to unnecessarily high energy bills or poor performance, like poor shower pressure from a 30kW+ combi.


Which is the best boiler? There isn’t one single boiler that could be classified as the best for every customer. Luckily, thanks to our industry knowledge and wealth of experience in the field, at RJL Gas we are equipped to provide you with information on reliable models and the ones that are best avoided. The other factors to consider would be size, suitability to the type of property and also budget.

From small combi boilers for landlord’s to multi boiler setups in large properties we cover a range of boiler installations.

We don’t get involved with bathroom or kitchen installation and instead prefer to focus purely on the boiler and heating aspect.


Should I swap over to a combi boiler?

Combi boilers became popular in the 80s due to being able to provide endless hot water and freeing up space where hot and cold tanks were kept.

To find out more information on our boiler replacement services, please feel free to get in touch through the button below:

Time-Sensitive Service

RJL Gas is fully aware of the urgency surrounding home maintenance, and will always ensure that we provide you with quality services as soon as possible. We will work with you to ensure an effective solution that fits around your lifestyle.

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