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Nest Thermostat Installation

RJL Gas and Heating are recognised as one of the premier Nest Thermostat Installation in Surbiton.

Nest Thermostat benefits

Manage your homes hot water. The Nest Thermostat makes it easy to manage your hot water tank. As part of your nest smart home solutions, you can use the Nest app to set your hot water schedule and boost the heat when you want a little extra hot water. You can turn off your hot water using your Nest Thermostat if you’re out of the house for a few days.

Will I save money? Nest’s ‘Energy History’ reports will track how much energy you use and how your usage fluctuates over the course of the week. The smart heating system app will even offer you handy energy-saving tips, helping you to reduce your bills and cut down on wastage.

Watch out for the leaf. A leaf icon will show on your Nest Thermostat after adjusting the temperature – its like a reward for saving energy. The Nest Thermostat learns from your household’s usage and even spots ways to help you save money, the leaf appears at different temperatures for different people.

A clear view from across the room. The latest version of the smart home Nest Thermostat comes with a feature called Farsight. It means your thermostat will light up when you enter the room, showing the current time or the temperature you’ve specified. Farsight’s large, bright display means that it can be seen from some distance away, so no more squinting at the thermostat just to see its current setting.